KA-BAM!It’s bittersweet for me to announce that Issue 34 is all done, and online! My final issue with my baby, and I’m very proud. Thank you everyone who reads The Graphic, and thank you for submitting, and for tweeting, and for even occasionally thinking about this fledgling publication. We’ve received so much support, and I am so grateful.

Please keep checking on this site, and wish our new editors luck! They will do a wonderful job, and I love them dearly. Jon Kittaka, Megan Dolezal, and Eric Meehl are incredibly capable and fun people, and they are sure to carry on the tradition we’ve started in these three short years.

I’ll leave you with a link to a playlist I just made, not because it’s too related, but because I want to send you all some nice music. Enjoy!

Ex-Editor Jacob Canfield